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What's with NG games lately...?

2010-12-08 04:04:21 by lesher

is it just me, or the game in NG getting a little bit more depressing? First the "Time Fcuk", then "Level Up!", now we have "Endeavor". Ah yes, "One Chance" as well

I know, there are still tons of them, I just can't remember all of them.



2009-04-11 03:58:33 by lesher

Nothing, just a plain page rather than posting my older post

2... Projects

2008-05-30 09:41:07 by lesher

Hmm... Currently I'm working on 2 projects and somehow confused with the coding, graphics, etc.

1. Tutorial
2. Descriptive animation

Looks like this is going to be very very long, hope everyone to enjoy it after it finished. Maybe around 1-2 week after this post (either one of those two).

This is a new, fresh idea and doesn't involve firearm anymore (But is it that really bad to use some firearm?)

FIREARMS G4LL3RY 2 is released!

2008-05-21 08:30:28 by lesher

FIREARMS G4LL3RY 2 is released!

Check it out guys! Hope you'd like it!

Firearms G4LL3RY 2 is slowed down

2008-05-18 07:10:40 by lesher

For people who wanted to see "Firearms G4LL3RY" next series, I'm sorry if the project time is very long, because my final exam is drawing near.

So... Sorry if I'm going to be very late to finish this project, maybe on early next month or end of this month.

I'm also giving some few new effect on the gallery because the last one was too simple (some people says), but I think that's very true. So now I'm going to improve it even more (that means more time for work)

The result will be better than the first one, so please wait...